You can edit offers to change any settings such as name, offer, allocation, redemption, and reminder settings. You will also see an additional fields, Offer Code (Series Code).  Offer Code is generated by default and you can modify it if required. 


You cannot modify Offer expiry type, way of coupon code creation, and offer id.

To modify an existing offers

Navigate to the Offers dashboard and click on the offer that you want to modify

You will see the summary of the offer configurations. On the information tab, you will see Offer id and Offer code that is generated automatically.

Click Edit Offer and modify required settings. Refer to Creating Offer section for descriptions of all the fields.

You can modify name, Offer code; issual, expiry, and reminder configurations. However, you cannot modify offer expiry type, coupon code creation option, and offer id.

Click Preview and Update to preview the coupon series configuration 

Click Update