There are two ways of uploading a file -  1. Upload a file directly, 2. Upload the file through an FTP server.  The segments created through upload are static as the customers/values in a partition do not change automatically. However, you can edit a segment to update details manually, i.e., you can add new customers or update existing segment values  (partition name) of customers. Your CSV file should have the header

1 st column header: user_id, mobile, email or external_id

2nd column header: value

You can also track customer activities manually by making the respective segment SCD and specifying the date of the tracked values every time you update the segment.

To create a segment through file upload:

  1. On the EI navigation pane, click User Segments.
  1. Click Create Segment.
  2. In Segment Name, specify a name for the group.
  3. In Description, specify a short description of the segment.
  4. In Type, select SCD to keep a track of customer's behavior for the current segment. Select Non-SCD to save only the current snapshot.
  5. In Method, choose Upload for list creation through file upload.
  6. Click Next to continue.
Valid from
You need to manually specify the date when the events specified in the CSV file has happened (for SCD). Hence, whenever you upload a new file, it is required to specify the date on which the values are tracked
Upload Type - Upload
  • Select Upload to directly upload the CSV file and click Choose File to upload the file
  • Select FTP to upload through an FTP server >specify the path in the FTP server where the file is available and > click Upload
Note: To use FTP, you should have configured FTP  address and access credentials as explained below
  • Navigate to Segments > Settings. 
  • Specify Server Address (FTP server URL) , Username, and Password
Sample contents of a .csv file with customer id and loyalty value: mobile,value44700900000,High 44700915020,Low
  1. Click Upload & Proceed. You will see the segment with the list of partitions as shown below
  • Partitions: Partitions are different values of a segment. For example, if a segment has high loyal, low loyal, and medium loyal as segment values, then three partitions will be created (one for each value)
  1. Once the processing is completed, review the details and click Create 

The segment will be in Inprogress status initially and once processed, the status label will disappear automatically. 

Inprogress: The segment creation is being processed

Draft: Signifies draft state where the recent changes were not saved. If you open the segment, you will see Draft available: Save changes to see the partition values. You can save or Deactivate draft segments

Editing an existing upload-based segment

You can modify a segment to add or modify existing details. In editing upload based segment, the existing segment details will be completely replaced with the new details that you upload. So, make sure you create a new file accordingly.

To edit a segment

  1. On the Segments summary page, click on the segment that you want to edit.  You can filter the summary list by Type (SCD, Non-SCD, or All) and Method (Conditions, Upload, or All) and also search a specific filter in the Search box
  2. Click Edit Segment
  1. Choose your preferred Upload Type and upload the new file
  2. Click Upload & Proceed. Wait until the file is processed successfully
  3. Click Update