Creation of an offer involves coupons, issual, expiry and redemption settings. This topic guides you on how to configure a new offer.

To create a new offer:

 1. Click Create Offer and setup the offer based on the description provided herein

 2. Offer name & expiry

Offer nameSpecify a name for the offer
Offer expiresChoose the preferred expiry option for the offer
  • Along with campaign/system: To expire along with the service that consumes this offer. For example, if the service, say Outbound Campaign, is expiring on 31st Dec, the offer also expires on the same date and time. 
  • Fixed date: To expire the offer on a specific day. Click the calendar icon to set the expiry date. If 31st Dec is set as the fixed offer expiry date, irrespective of the expiry of the service that is consuming the offer, the offer expires on 31st Dec. 

3. Discount Details

Discount value for each couponSelect the preferred discount type
  • Fixed Amount for flat amount discount and specify the amount in the respective field ($20)
  • Percentage based for % (of transaction amount) discount and specify the percentage in the respective fields (10%)
Valid onRestrict the coupons (of the offer) redemption by:
  • Applicable for all products: Select All Products
  • Applicable for your preferred products or categories: Choose Select products
Click on the drop-down and choose Category (to choose products by category) or Item Code (to choose products by item code)By category: Select preferred categories from the drop-down > Click Select > Click Add Product
Valid on item for saleEnable the field to allow the coupon redemption even on sale items
or Disable the field to not allow coupon redemption on sale items

4. Coupon details

How to create coupon codes?Select the preferred option for creating offer coupons
  • Automatically create unique codes to generate coupon codes automatically (dynamic coupon codes)
    • Issue to specific customers only to issue the current coupons to your preferred customers > Click View/Add > Click Choose .csv file and > Upload the .csv file that consists of your preferred customer identifiers
  • Give a common code to all couponto issue a static coupon code to customers
    • Generic code: Specify the coupon code without any special characters
    • Issue to specific customers only to issue the current coupons to your preferred customers > Click View/Add > Click Choose .csv file and > Upload the .csv file that consists of your preferred customer identifiers 
  • Upload existing coupon codes to manually upload coupon codes (.csv files with coupon codes) - Click View/Add to see available options
    • Internal Coupons: Coupons created by any service within the organization and are mapped to customers. Only customers associated with these coupons can redeem it and 

      Click Choose .csv file to upload the coupons

      • To tag coupons to customers, enable Tag coupons to customers, > create a .csv file with customer-coupon details and > Click Choose .csv file to upload 

    • External Coupons: Coupons created outside of your organisation. These are not mapped to customers, and thus can be redeemed by anyone.
When would a coupon expire?Set when you want to expire coupons of the current offer(coupons cannot be redeemed after the expiry date)
  • Along with the offer to expire coupons along with the Offer name & expiry > Offer expires > Fixed date. This is applicable only if the Offer expires is a Fixed date
  • ____ days from issual to set the expiry after n days of issual.  
For example, If a coupon is issued on 12th November
0 days from issualExpires on 12th Nov EOD
1 days from issualExpires on 13th Nov EOD

  • ____ weeks from issual to set the expiry after n weeks from issual week (Monday to Sunday). 
For example, if the coupon is issued on 12th Nov 2018 which is Monday
0 weeks from issualExpires on the Sunday EOD of the same week - 18th Nov, 2018
1 weeks from issualExpires on the Sunday EOD of the next week (25th Nov, 2018)

  • ____ month ends from issual to set the expiry at the end of nth month from issual date. 
For example, if coupon is issued on 12th November then
0 month from issualExpires on 30th Nov
1 month from issualExpires on 31st Dec

Offer name & expirySelect your preferred option for Offer expiry
  • Along with campaign/system to expire the offer along with the campaign expiry
  • Fixed date  to expire the offer on your preferred date
Point-of-sale Identifier

5. Click Advanced Settings to see  issual, reminder, and redemption settings and navigate to Issual & Reminder Settings

Restrict based on past coupon issualsEnable Restrict based on past coupon issuals to restrict coupon issual to customers based on the past 6 months issuals. You will see the list of active coupons of the last 6 months. Check Show Expired to also see the coupons expired in the last 6 months.

Select coupons from the list. If any of the selected coupons are issued to a customer in the past then the current series' coupon will not be issued to that customer
Max issuals per customerRestrict the number of coupon issuals of the current series per customer
  • Max issuals per customer: 1 ,  ___  (your preferred count)No limit (to not limit the count of coupon issual per customer)
In If a customer matches the criteria again
  • Select Resend existing coupon to send the same coupon again
  • Select Do not send any coupon to ignore sending any coupon
Limit total issuals from the offerLimit total issuals from the offer:
This option lets you limit the number of coupon issuals for the current offer.
  • Enable Limit total issuals from the offer and set the limit in Limit to to the maximum number of coupons that you need to send for the current offer.

Send notification for issual limit:

You can notify brand POCs when the coupon issual limit is about to reach a certain threshold value. The notification is sent to the brand POCs through email.

  • Enable Send notification for issual limit and in Notify when set the threshold value when you want the notification to be sent.

SMS content for resending the couponSet the SMS template for reissuing coupon. Click Edit and enter the message as required. Use predefined Tags wherever necessary. If the message has unicode characters, check Allow unicode characters
Send expiry reminderEnable Send expiry reminders to send coupon expiry reminders to the relevant customers.
Set your preferred date and time (prior to the expiry) of the reminder. Similarly, you can add multiple reminders using the +Reminder option.

6. In Redemption Settings, do the following

Allow anyone to redeem itEnable Allow anyone to redeem it to allow even non-recipients of the coupon redeem the coupon using coupon code.
Redemptions can startRestrict the redemption period using the available options
Redemption can start
  • right after issual :  A coupon can be redeemed right after the issual
  • _<x>__ days after issual:  Can be redeemed after the end of nth day. If a coupon is issued today and you say Redemption can start as 1 days after issual then coupon can be redeemed from tomorrow (irrespective of the time of issual. Only date is considered)
  • from a specific date - <Select date >- .
For example, redeem after 30 days of issual from a specific 22/10/2018 - Coupons are allowed to redeem only after 22/10/2018 and after 30 days of receiving it.
Allow a coupon to be redeemed more than once
  • Enable Allow a coupon to be redeemed more than once 
  • To limit maximum redemptions per customer, enable Limit the maximum times a customer can redeem a coupon and enter the value in set your preferred value in Limit to
Stores allowing normal, offline redemptionChoose whether to restrict redemptions by Zone, Concept or Stores.

Choose Upload CSV file to upload a file containing the ids of your preferred zones/stores/concepts
Choose Select Values to select your preferred zones/stores/concepts from the list directly
Bill amounts that can redeem the couponThis option lets you limit coupon redemption by transaction amount.
  • Enable Minimum bill amount and set the minimum transaction amount required to redeem the coupon of the current series
  • Enable Maximum bill amount and set the maximum transaction amount up to which the coupon of the current series can be redeemed
Days & time when the coupon can be redeemedThis lets you limit the redemption of coupons based on day, week and hour.
Select any of the options as required.
  • Days of the week - To allow redemption on selected days of a week- Sunday to Saturday
  • Days of the month - To allow redemption on selected days of a month - 1st - 31st
  • Hours of the day - To allow redemption in the preferred hours of a day
Require gap between redemptions of a customerEnable Require gap between redemptions of a customer to limit the duration between two consecutive redemptions of a customer and set the duration (no. of days) in Minimum days between redemptions.
Limit total redemptions in the seriesEnable Limit total redemptions in the series to limit the number of redemptions of the coupons of the current series and set the maximum coupons that can be redeemed in Maximum allowed ___

 7. Click Preview and Save

 8. Review the details and click Save

You will see the coupon series id, series code and PoS identifier details in the Information tab.