The Offer Management System (CMS) is a central repository that lets you manage global level coupons meaning create coupons in one place and use wherever required - either by an internal service (such as campaigns and loyalty program) or external service (third party integration). An offer once consumed by a service is not available for any other service. This tool only creates offers with coupon codes. You need to use the respective service for sending out the coupon codes to customers.
Following are the Key features of CMS:

  • Design personalised coupons
  • Set coupon expiry on a fixed date or as per the validity of the target campaign
  • Associate coupon to a specific product or Organization unit (OU)
  • Provision to generate coupon codes automatically or upload manually
  • Associate coupons to a particular set of customers 
  • Create percentage discount or flat discount coupons
  • Limit the coupon issual count per customer/promotion
  • Restrict coupon redemption by different parameters such as transaction amount, date, and time
  • Automate coupon expiry reminders and expiry notifications
  • Dashboard to track coupon details such as created by/on, expires on, consumed by (example: Loyalty, Outbound, Timeline), and count
  • Track coupon performance (redemption) and improve marketing efforts

Coupons Home Page

The summary table shows the name, type of offer, discount, expiry date, service that is using the series, number of coupons redeemed made from the offer and more options.

You can search an offer by name, see only active offers, and sort the list by last modified date or created date.