Campaign Replay is a new feature in Outbound Campaigns that lets you retry sending failed messages. That is, if messages are failed for any internal service issues, you can attempt to send those failed messages using the replay option.

You can retry sending messages failed due to internal service issues such as problems with whitelisting emails, issuing a coupon, refreshing audience list, fetching subscription status, issuing points, and so forth. 

Features and Limitations of Outbound Campaign Replay


  • Applicable for all outbound campaign types - immediate, fixed date, and recurring
  • Applicable for any channels - SMS, email, Mobile Push, WeChat
  • Only failed messages will be attempted to retry (For example, if out of 100 messages, 75 messages are sent to the gateway and remaining 25 are failed due to internal services issue,  you can retry sending only those 25 failed messages) 


  • Only for exceptions in internal services
  • Not applicable only for messages failed in external services such as Gateway 
  • You can see the Replay only when the campaign is executed completely and is enabled for 24 hours thereafter
  • Applicable only once per campaign. The replay button will be inactive after the first attempt

To retry sending failed messages:

Open the Outbound Campaign for which you want attempt sending failed messages and click View More to navigate to the Monitoring Report

You will see the Replay button if one or more messages of that list are failed due to internal services exception. You will see the count of customers targeted (to which the messages are failed) in the retry

 Click Yes to confirm. If the messages are sent successfully, you will see the following the success message else you will see a failure message

 The button will be inactive once you click Replay and you cannot try it again. 

If the page is refreshed, you will see Replay as NA