Creatives tab helps in configuring Mobile Push, WeChat, email, text, and coupon templates for use in campaigns. These templates can then be used for sending discount coupons, reminders, and offers to customers through emails and SMSs.

  1. On the CAMPAIGNS tab, click Creatives.
  2. Next, select Mobile Push Templates category from the drop down. The following page appears:
  3. You can also sort by Most Recent or Type (image or text) from the existing Mobile Push Template.
  4. To create a new template, click on New Template. The following page appears:
  5. In the Template Name, specify a name for the template
  6. Select either of the device-Android or IOS
  7. In the Title box, specify by writing Mr/Miss/His/Her
  8. In the Message box, type a message specifying the details of discount/coupon etc.
  9. Upload Image. You can see the preview in the right pane.
  10. In the Primary Call to Action box, select Deep Link
  11. Click Save to complete the task