A dimension is an attribute by which you can split the data. Dimensions can be applied on a KPI and cannot stand alone. For example, you can see store wise data for transactions KPI, and product wise data for sales KPI. Dimensions are available only for chart cards.

Note: Dimensions are not applicable for chart cards. 

To add dimensions to a chart:

  1. Open a report and scroll down to the chart card for which you want to apply dimensions

A report will have the default dimensions selected by default and also termed as primary dimensions. These dimensions are tagged while creating a report. You can replace primary dimensions with the same type of attribute values using the drop-down available. 

  1. To add more dimensions, Click +/- Dim. Secondary Dimensions are the other supported dimension attributes of a chart

Zone-wise sales 

For example, to see a month-wise report of the current year, click Date to expand and select Month

  • Following is the tabular format (for better understanding) of zone-wise, month-wise report

  • Similarly, you can add multiple dimension attributes to a chart. You can see all applied dimensions below the chart header

  • Remove a dimension attribute:  Click on +/-dim, navigate to the dimension, uncheck the attribute and click Apply
  • Change the attribute of an applied dimension:  Click the attribute drop-down that you want to change and select the required attribute

Note: Dimensions are at chart-card level and cannot be applied to the entire report.