After making any changes in a loyalty program, you need to Reconfigure the program to reflect the changes in the live program. Whenever a change is made in the program, you will see the red icon (shown in the following screenshot) which indicates that the recent changes are not pushed to the live program. Mouse hover on Reconfigure to see what entities are changed.

To see the list of entities modified and not published yet, mouse hover on the red icon.

To know what each entity indicates, see the following table.

EntityWhat it indicates?
LoyaltyProgramChanges at the program level. This include modifications in tier upgrade based on, tier upgrade type, new tier, tier name/description points round to decimals (points allocation), and points to currency ratio
ProgramSlabChanges in the loyalty tiers but not strategies. This appears when there is a change in a tier name/description or a new tier is added.
PromotionChanges in promotion programs of EventView page
RulesetChanges on EventView page and tender strategies
TenderCombinationChanges in the tender (payment mode) strategies
StrategyChanges in any strategy. This include tier downgrade, points allocation, points expiry, points return, tier upgrade, tier upgrade based on and tracker strategies

To publish all the changes to the live loyalty program, click Reconfigure.  

You will be prompted to add details about the changes. Specify the recent changes made in the loyalty program in brief and then click Save and then click OK to confirm

The org PoCs will be immediately notified through email about the changes. The email notification includes the details such as modified by, text entered and the reconfigured time.

Once you Reconfigure the loyalty program, you will see the Reconfigure status as shown below.

Note:  To configure org PoCs for loyalty, click InTouch > LOYALTY > Edit; add PoCs for the org in Select Capillary POCs and click Submit