Orgs with multiple Org Units can create a separate loyalty program for each Org Unit if MLP is enabled for that org. For this, you need to have the org hierarchy defined either by zone or concept (but not both) such that each Org Unit is a zone/concept as per the Capillary system.

  • To enable MLP for an org, contact the Loyalty team.
  • An org cannot have one program for a zone and another for a concept.


Important concepts of MLP-based loyalty programs of an org:

  • An org will have a Default Loyalty Program (org level program) that is created while setting up the org on InTouch. 
  • The Default Loyalty Program is applicable to all zones/concepts and the individual loyalty program is applicable to the zone/concept. So a zone or concept can have two loyalty programs - one is the program created for that particular zone/concept and the other is the default program.  
  • Based on the Till from which an event is triggered, the system identifies the respective zone/concept and initiates the loyalty program associated to it.
  • If an event such as a transaction or registration is triggered, the system first identifies the loyalty program associated to the Till and executes the rules and actions associated to the program.  

If two programs are identified, then the system executes both the programs.

  • Strategies or configurations of a loyalty program will be applicable only for that program.

Limitations of MLP

  1. For an org you can create programs either on concepts or zones but not both
  2. A zone or concept can have only one loyalty program (excluding the default program)
  3. A store or Till cannot have multiple loyalty programs (excluding the default loyalty program)
  4. Product category/brand based loyalty program configurations are not available
  5. Points or coupons can be be redeemed from one program at a time.
  6. Multiple currencies are not supported across loyalty programs.

To create a loyalty program for an Org Unit, follow these steps.

1.  Log on to the InTouch of your cluster (India/Europe/US/APAC2) and click the Loyalty tab.

2.  Click +Loyalty Program to create a new program.

 3. On the Add Loyalty Program page, enter the program details. Refer to the table for field descriptions.

Program NameSpecify a name for the current loyalty program.
DescriptionEnter a short description of the program.
Is ActiveBy default it will be active. You can uncheck it to make the program inactive.
Select Capillary POCsAdd the capillary POCs that you want to notify on modifications in the loyalty program (reconfigured).
Select Entity TypeChoose Zone or Concept on the basis of which your org units are grouped. You can select this only for the first loyalty program of the org (excluding Default Loyalty Program). The same option will be applicable for all the subsequent loyalty programs of the org and you cannot modify it.
Select EntitiesYou will see either zones or concepts based on the Entity Type selected.
Add zone(s) or concept(s) that you want to associate to the current loyalty program.

3. Click Submit to save the program. A blank loyalty program is created without any configurations.

4. If the program is in inactive state, click Activate to enable the program.

5. Once the program is enabled, you can configure the program using the Configure option.

  • To modify details of a loyalty program, click Edit.
  • While configuring ensure that there is no overlap between two loyalty programs.
  • To inactivate a loyalty program, click Edit > Uncheck Is Active > Click Submit.