WeChat Templates help to mapp for different WeChat accounts to announce offers, send transaction related information, keep informed on loyalty account updates and include coupons that customers can avail for discounts. 

  1. On the CAMPAIGNS tab, click Creatives.
  2. Click on WeChat on the left panel. 
  3. Next, click on Select Account and select the preferred account. In the figure below, you can see CapillaryDev3 account is selected. 
  4. Click on Map Template. The following page appears:
  5. Choose a Template from the drop down and click on the required template
  6. Enter Header and use tags wherever required
  7. Type message against Keyword. You can see the message as you type in the preview pane
  8. Specify a Footer text for the template
  9. Provide external link against the URL
  10. Check the box if the link provided in the URL is internal
  11. See the preview on the right panel. See figure below:
  12. Click on Save