Creating SMS Template

  1. To create SMS Template, click on the SMS Template category by default in the Creatives Dashboard page

  2. Next click on Create SMS. See figure below:

  3. On clicking Create SMS, the following page appears:

  4. Give a valid name to the SMS Template

  5. Type a valid message for the template using Tags. To add tags click on +Tags

  6. To Allow Unicode Characters, check/uncheck the box

  7. Click on +New Version for a new version of the existing template. You can decide and choose the final Version. See figure below:

  8. Version can be selected and Marked as Final

  9. You can also make a Duplicate copy by clicking on Duplicate. Copy of Version 1 is created. The following page appears:

10. Template name can be Renamed. See figure below:

11.Template can also be Deleted

12. Click on Save. You can also Discard Changes and Cancel if required.