Creatives tab helps in configuring SMS, WeChat, MobilePush, Email for use anywhere in campaigns and loyalty. These templates can then be used for sending discount coupons, reminders, and offers to customers through respective channel.

Creatives Dashboard

On the CAMPAIGNS tab, click Creatives. You will see the SMS Templates category by default in the Overview page. See figure below:

  1. On the left panel, choose the respective category (SMS Templates/ WeChat Templates/Mobile Push) to view the existing templates for that category.
  2. You can search a template using the template name using the Search Bar.
  3. Templates can be sorted using the drop down as Most Recent or Alphabetically
  4. Templates can be edited at any given point. To do so click on Edit. It will open to the template editing page where you can change the content, add more tags.

After editing, click on Save. See figure below:You can Preview the template. To do so just click on Preview. See figures below:

  1. Click on the  icon to either Delete the Template or Create a Duplicate copy of the Template. 
  2. To Delete the template, just click on Delete.
  3. To make a Duplicate copy of a template, click on Duplicate. A pop-up appears and confirm the action. See figure below: