Release Date: July 3, 2018


1. Enhancement in Tracker Threshold Calculation - Tracker threshold is calculated on basis of the System Date of a Bill' instead of the specified Bill Date

  • Problem Statement: Earlier, when a bill hits the loyalty program, the tracker value used to be calculated based on the bill date. Due to this, if an older bill hits the loyalty program, the recent bills that hit the system earlier used to be ignored while evaluating tracker value. With this release, the end threshold for tracker evaluation is calculated on basis of the date (store time) when the bill hits the system but not the specified bill date.

2. Tracker ignores deleted and outlier transactions while computing tracker values

  • Earlier, the tracker values used to include values of deleted and outlier bills. With this release, tracker automatically ignores deleted and outlier transactions while computing tracker values.

Release Date: April 12, 2018

New Features

Loyalty Reconfiguration Notification

  • Now you will see a red beacon if there is any change in the loyalty program but not Reconfigured yet.  The red notification indicates that the program need to be reconfigured to reflect the recent changes in the live program.

You can also see the list of entities modified in the program by mouse hovering on the notification icon.Following are the list of entities that would appear in the notification pane.
  • LoyaltyProgram: Indicates changes at the program level. This include modifications in tier upgrade based on, tier upgrade type, new tier, tier name/description points round to decimals (points allocation), and points to currency ratio
  • ProgramSlab: Indicates changes in the loyalty tiers but not strategies. This appears when there is a change in a tier name/description or a new tier is added.Promotion: Changes in promotion programs of EventView page
  • Ruleset: Indicates changes on EventView page and tender strategies
  • TenderCombination: Indicates changes on the tender (payment mode) strategy page
  • Strategy: Indicates changes in strategies tier downgrade, points allocation, points expiry, points return, tier upgrade, tier upgrade based on and tracker

Once you Reconfigure the loyalty program, you will see the Reconfigure status as shown below.