Lets you build an audience group based on NDNC (National Do Not Disturb) status, NDNC, Invalid, DND, and Unknown. You can select more than one option.

Basic Options 

The following are the basic or mandatory options of the NDNC status filters.

  1. Status:
    1. NDNC: Abbreviation of National Do Not Call Registry is the NDNC Registry that controls unsolicited communications. Might not applicable for all countries
    2. DND: Customers that do not want to receive any unsolicited SMS or calls will register in Do Not Disturb (DND). You can get customers who registered their mobile numbers in DND. Might not applicable to all countries.
    3. Invalid: Customers with invalid mobile numbers.
    4. Unknown: Customers whose status are currently unknown.
    5. Not captured: Customers whose status data are not captured.