Test/Control Setting is done to determine the effectiveness of a campaign by comparing the sales generated from the test group and control group

Global Test/Control: As soon as a new customer comes, a list is split into test and control using random sampling, while maintaining the global test/control ratio. Global test/control can be configured for each organization.

List Level: When a list is created, user is randomly split into test and control irrespective if he/she is part of global control group. 

While executing campaigns, Capillary's Campaign Manager sends message to selected customers test group and putting aside control group from the list. All the lists within a campaign will have same test/control ration if defined during campaign creation. 

For example, If Test/control ratio is set at 90:10 (either list or global level) and we have a set of 100000 (1 lacs) customers to send "50% discount on clothing" campaign and system send this campaign to 9,0000  customers (test group), put aside 10000 customers (control group) who will not receive it. Once the campaign is over, they will determine the effectiveness of the campaign by comparing the additional revenues generated by the test group with those generated by the control group.

To set Global Test and Control, go to the Campaign Settings page, click on Test And Control. This is currently applicable for filter based list creation.

The following page appears:

Set list level test/control: By default, test/control ratio is set to 90:10 for all existing campaigns. All lists created within this campaign will have list level test control with 90:10 ratio. See figure below:

  Note:Option to set/edit test/control ratio at list level will not be available any more.