To create a de-duplication list, do the following:

  1. In the Recipient Lists tab, click +New Recipient List and select Paste a List. Following page appears:
  2.  In the List Name box, type a name for the customer list. 
  3. In the Custom Tags count, enter the number of customized columns you want to add. These are additional columns apart from the primary identifier (mobile or email ID) column. 
  4. In the User Type box, select Mobile or Email. The Mobile or Email is the primary identifier of the customer.In the text box, type the customer details. 
  5. To enter email IDs and names of the customers, first type "email,name" in the first line. Then type the email ID and names of customers in separate lines.The following are sample entries for the "email, name" form:email,,John,Tom Sawyer
  6. Similarly, to enter the mobile numbers and names of the customer, type "mobile,name" in the first line. Then type the mobile numbers and names of the customers in separate lines.The following are sample entries for the "mobile, name" form: 9611199999,John Smith 961118888,Tom Sawyer

To understand, de-duplication list better, we will create two (2) lists with common identifiers(mobile numbers). 

For example, lets name the first list as List_4 and insert following mobile numbers: 


Click Upload

Next, lets create the second list with name List_17 with the following numbers:




  • Click Upload. Once uplaoded, both the list are reflected in the Recipient List as List_4 and List_17. See figure below:
  • The above highlighted lists shows we have in total 7 customers (3 from List_4 and 4 from List_17).  We will now use de-duplication list. To do so, click on De-Duplicate List. The following page appears:
  • Enable Create New Lists
  • Click on Use List_4  and List_17 to +Add to the De-Duplication List as shown below:
  • Click on Summary. The following page appears:
  • Type the De-dup Group Name
  • Check on Confirm box
  • Click Save. De-duplicate list is created successfully and is reflected in the Recipient List as new dedup. See figure below:Now, List_17 has total of 2 customers because numbers 919234567892,second and 919234567893,third have been de-duplicated as these numbers were present in List_4 as well.