Find below the steps to configure multiple sender ID in campaigns and send messages via different sender ids:

Create domain with sender Ids

  1. Log in to Capillary Intouch>Campaigns>General Settings. On the left panel, click on Communication&Gateway>Domains>Configure Domains. See figure below:
  2. Next click on +Configure Domain. The following page appears:
  3. In the Sender Tag, type the name of the domain for example Purple_New
  4. In Use this for, type the purpose of the message
  5. Insert details(Sender ID and Sender Name) for GSM and CDMA. Sender ID is what appears in the message
  6. Check on the boxes for GSM and CDMA both
  7. Click on Save. Domain properties is being saved now and can be seen in the list of SMS domains. See figure below:

Map Domain with Gateway

Once domain with sender id is created, it needs to be mapped with Gateway.

  • Map domain with existing gateway

To map domain with the existing gateway, click on Communication&Gateway>Domains>Domain-Gateway Mapping. The following page appears:

Click on +Domain Gateway Mapping on the right side of the page as shown above. The following page on Configure Domain - Gateway Mapping appears:

        Check on Use System Default and click on Save. The following page appears:

  • Map domain with new gateway: The gateway team needs to be contacted to configure a new gateway for the organization.

Validate the Mapping

To validate the mapping, click on Validate Now as shown in the figure below. On clicking a pop up on successful validation is shown. See figure below:

Use sender id while sending message

Which creating a message choose the sender id. By default the default Sender id is select that is defined for the org.

  • Use default sender id with its associated gateway

Log in to Capillary Campaigns Manager. Select the Campaign and click on Choose Recipient>Attach Incentive> Customize Content>Delivery Settings. The following page appears: 

Uncheck Use default gateway and Schedule the Campaign.

Note: Make sure the Sender Id is configured to a gateway and the mapping is validated in Domain-Gateway Mapping page in settings. 

  • Use default sender id with default gateway

Check Use default gateway and Schedule the Campaign.

  • This is the default setup-it picks default sender id and gateway
  • Useful if you want to target customers across countries in the same list
  • Useful if you want to target NDNC customers 

Note: In both cases, system automatically selects the required gateways to send communication

  • Use customer sender id: Disable Use default gateway to edit. 

All scheduled message and recurring messages will run with the already configured sender id. In case someone wants to make change then they have to edit the message and set the new sender id and click on Save. This is supported in Outbound - one time, recurring and in reminders. See figure below: