Metric dimensions are banding on columns and are measure by nature. For example, bill amount and discount. You can see the list of standard metric dimensions in Library > Metric Dimensions.

To create a metric dimension:

  1. On the left navigation pane, click Library > Metric Dimensions
  2. Click Create

  1. Fill in the fields based on the description provided in the table below
Dimension NameSpecify a name for the dimension 
CategoryChoose the fact table of the dimension value
DescriptionSpecify a short description of the dimension value
Dimension ValuesDefine the dimension value: name and condition. Use operators appropriately to define condition. For example, Value 1 Active Customers when
To add more attributes, click Add another value. The measure that is applied for the first value will be considered for all other values. You cannot have different measures for each dimension value
  1. Click on Create

If you want to modify a custom dimension, open the dimension, click Edit and make the necessary changes and save the settings.