Reminder Campaign is enabled to send a reminder to the recipients of a campaign based on their responses. It helps to target customers and reinforce previous promotional information.  Find below the steps to send a reminder to the recipients:

  1. Login to Capillary Campaign Managers Tool 
  2. Create a New Campaign. To know more, click on Creating Campaign 

 The new campaign now appears in the Dashboard tab. You now have to configure coupons, add the recipient list, and configure SMS or Emails, Wechat, MobilePush or Call Task, Facebook or Google for the campaign. The following screen appears:

You can add customers to the campaign by creating Recipient lists. To know more, click Creating Recipient Lists

Sending Reminder Campaign

  1. In the Campaigns Overview page, we have the option to send Reminder message to clients. Click on Reminder button on the extreme bottom right.  It will open up to New Reminder Message page. Choose Reminder Strategy and select Mode of Communication. Further, you can choose any of the supported channel in org to send out the campaign via (SMS, Email, Mpush, WeChat)
  2. Click Next. Select either one of the existing template or create a new SMS template.
  3. Click Next and customize the content of the reminder SMS.
  4. Click Next, it will take you the following page:
  5. Type name of a recipient list in the box under Provide a recipient list name and click on Schedule Campaign Message. 
  6. Next click on Authorize in the Campaign Overview page and then click on Approve and Send as shown in the below figures:

Capabilities of Reminder Campaign

Once a message is sent out one can sent a reminder campaign to the set of customers who were targeted in the first message.One can choose list of customer to be re-targeted based on the below mentioned 3 criteria:

  1. All customers who were contacted. For example if we target 100 customers and out of those if 20 could not be reached then remaining 80 who were contacted can be sent a reminder message
  2. Customers who did not redeem coupon (only visible if first message was coupon or point based). For example out of 80 customers whom we contacted, let us assume that 10 customers redeem the coupons. Remaining 70 customers can be contacted by sending a reminder message.  
  3. Customers who did not transact: For example, out of 80 customers whom we contacted, let us assume that 10 customers made a transaction. Remaining 70 customers who have not transacted can be contacted by sending a reminder message.  
  4.  Target NDNC customers in reminder (optional)
  5.  Support for customer tags in reminder message if original message had custom tags in uploaded list.

Note: While creating the message one can use the coupon / points tags , the tags will use the values of the first message that was sent out. For eg. in case a coupon was sent out in the first campaign then on reminders the coupon tag will be replaced with same code. It will not generate and allocate new coupon/point.

  • Coupons and points will not be re-issued, instead it will remind the user that points/coupons are available with them

Limitations of Reminder Campaign

  1. One cannot send a new offer/promotion in reminder
  2. One cannot target based on the delivery status (open, delivered, not delivered, click etc.)
  3. Currently non loyalty filters are not supported in reminder campaign
  4. Customers who did not redeem points after the communication has gone out is not supported
  5. Reminder message cannot be sent via social channels