Find below the detailed steps to fetch credentials for Account Binding:

  1. Login to Business Manager (
  2. Next, log in to your Advert Manager to get Advert Account ID. See figure below:
  3. Record Advert Account Id
  4.  Log in to and click on My Apps on the upper right side of the page.Following page appears:
  5.   Configure an App and enable access to Marketing APIs. See below figures for better clarity:
  6.  Click on Set Up and in the next page click on Build Custom Audience List
  7.  In the Tools page, check on all Token Permissions and record Access Token. See figure below:
  8. Click on Settings on the left pane. Marketing API>Settings. The following page appears:
  9.  Copy and Paste the Advert ID as shown below:
  10. Add your Advert Account to this App.
  11. Save Account ID and Access Token for binding.