Facebook Campaigns are the first in the series of Offline Social Campaigns, through which brands can reach out to their Offline customers on Social Media Channels.

Omni-Channel Campaigns>Offline Social Campaigns>Facebook Custom Audience Targeting

We can now reach out to the customers on Facebook as a channel using their mobile numbers or email ids. 

Process Flow At a Glance

Features of Facebook Campaigns

  • Create precise customer target lists using filters from both Offline shopping and Facebook social profiles (Interests, Behaviors etc.)
  • Secure, hassle free list transfers, not exposing PII or transferring data files to agencies/across teams.
  • Single Integrated Tool for all campaigns
  • Closed Loop Reporting - Offline Conversion tracking and ROIs
  • Test / Control, analyses on all campaigns to clearly measure incremental business.

How does it work?

Facebook allows brands to upload external customer data (email, mobile), and tries to match it with the customer’s Facebook profile. Typically this match rate is between 60-80% depending on the customer group. Once matched, Brands can show Ads to this customer base on all the following placements.

Audience Network
Native, banner and interstitial
Instant Articles
In-stream videos
Sponsored messages
Right coloumn

Rewarded videos

Suggested videos

The Campaign Management tool can now be used for:

Account Binding:

Link CRM org with the Brands Advert Account (using Account ID, and Access Token generated by the Brand). For more details, click on Fetch Credentials for Account Binding.

For Account Binding, follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Login to Capillary Campaign Managers Tool
  2. Click on Campaign Settings(see figure below)
  3. Next click Social Settings and enter Advert Account Id and Access Token. 
  4. Click on Submit button. Following page appears:

Once Social Campaign setting is updated successfully, next step is to execute the Campaign.

Campaign Execution

Find below the steps for Campaign Execution:

  1. Login to Capillary Campaign Managers Tool 
  2. Start a New Campaign. Click to know more on Creating Outbound Campaign
  3. In the Campaign Overview pageclick on +New Message and select Facebook from the drop down as shown below
  4. Create Recipient List using filters / upload csv / paste, using user profiles across multiple sources. Click to know more about Creating Recipient List
  5. Choose Campaign Specific List and click on Next. The following page appears:

          6. Click Next and select Schedule Message>Authorize>Approve>Send. It will be send out to Facebook


        Attach Personalized or Generic Coupons (Shareable or Unshareable) linked to the Campaign.

Coupon Type
Issuing Type
Distribution Type
Restricted to the List
Upload to CMT
Displayed on Fb Ad copy / Image
Issued by CMT
Displayed on Fb Ad copy / Image
Restricted to the List
Upload to CMT
Issued from Microsite / Facebook Form
Issued by CMT
Issued from Microsite / Facebook Form

Once the Campaign Execution is done, Campaign Manager will show the count of matched Facebook Profiles, with the mobile/emails present in the target list. See figure below:

The Brand POCs will receive an email notifying them that the custom audience list is available for campaigns in Advert Manager. The list is now available as 'Custom Audience' inside Adverts Manager. The Digital Marketing Agency or Brand can now execute the campaign from Advert Manager, using the list.

Linking Campaign to Facebook

Find below the steps for linking the Campaign to Facebook:

  1. Go to Campaigns in Intouch and select the Campaign to link
  2. In the Campaign Overview page, select Link on the right bottom. The following page appears where select the Advert Set where the list was used and click on Link to Facebook button. Click on Details in the Overview page to see further on social media metrics.


For more details on Key Social Media KPI definitions check here.