Roundup Points Allocation strategy in Campaigns help users to round up customer's point to a specific point. This lets you round up points that are in a specific range for each tier. For example ,any customer who has points less than 100 make it 100 or anyone who has points between 50 to 100 make it 150. 

You can customized these three variables as:

1. Minimum point - Customers with minimum points

2. Maximum points - customers with maximum points

3. Round up to - Round their points to this

Note: If you want to run a campaign that allocate points as "any customer who has points less than 100 make it 100"

  1. Minimum points - 0 (0 is inclusive)
  2. Maximum points- 100 (100 is inclusive)
  3. Round upto- 100

Here if a customer A and B has, for example, 30 and 40 points respectively, they will be allocated 70 and 60 points via this campaign. 

The points round up configuration can be done at tier level. 

Find below the steps to configure points to be allocated for each tier:

1. On the loyalty program configuration page, click Points Allocation.
You will see a list of allocation strategies that are already created for your organization as shown below. You can modify an existing allocation strategy by clicking the Edit button or create a New strategy. To create a New strategy, click on +New button. The following page appears: 

  • In the Name box, type a name that you choose to give
  • In the Module using the strategy, choose Campaign from the drop down
  • In the Same for all tiers, select Yes/No depending on the requirement
  • In the Allocation type, choose Round up
  • from and to: The range of points that you want to have for roundup. You can configure this at tier level or make it common for all the tiers. For example, if a customer has 40 points (current points) in his/her account and when the campaign is triggered, an additional of 60 points will be added to his/her account making it 100 as configured.

2. Click Create.

3. Go to Campaigns Home page and click on a campaign where you want to use the round up point allocation strategy.

4. Click on +New Message and select the channel from the drop down (SMS, email, WeChat etc) and next select the Recipient List. The following page appears:

       In the Choose Points Allocation Strategy, select Round up points and in Choose Points Expiry Strategy, select one of the expiry strategy

5. Click Save.