Customer identifiers are mobile numbers, email IDs, and external IDs. An org can have one or more of the identifiers. For example, very few orgs use the external id of a customer. 

This article provides step-by-step instructions on the following topics.

Configure Notifications for Identifier Change Requests

You can configure notifications, auto-approval, and set escalation flow for identifier change, and account merge requests.

To configure Email, Mobile, External ID, or Account Merge settings, do the following:

  1. On Member Care, navigate to the Settings category and click ID Change Request Settings. You will see different change request types - Email, Mobile, External ID, Account, and Retro Transaction.

  1. Click on the option that you want to configure. You will see the corresponding options as shown below.

  1. Configure the following settings and then click Save.
Email these on arrival of requestSelect the employees of your org (org POCs) that you want to notify through emails when identifier change or account merge requests are submitted - it could be through Member Care, InStore, or API. Use the Filter box to search users by name.
In Allow Request, select any of the following options.
  • Never: Select this if you do not want to send any alerts to org POCs.
  • Always: Select this to always send alerts to org POCs whenever a new request is logged.
  • Only when: Select this to alert org POCs based on the transaction value of the customer.

Auto ApproveSet Auto Approve to On if you want to automatically approve Email, Mobile, External ID, or Account Merge requests, without the requests having to be queued for approval.
Communicate Change toFor Email or Mobile select whether to notify to the old identifier or new identifier and click Configure to set the notification message.
  • Select Old ID to send a notification to the old email id or mobile number regarding the identifier change. 
  • Select New ID to send a notification to the new mobile number or email id.

For External ID, you can notify through both SMS and email. Click the respective Configure button to set the message.

Configure Email
(not applicable for Mobile)
  1. Click the Configure button to configure the Email message.
  2. In the Configure Email window, type the subject in the Subject box. In the message body, type the content and insert images. Add custom tags in the message body using the predefined tags wherever required.
  3. Click Save Changes.
Configure SMS
(not applicable for Email)
  1. Click the Configure button to configure the SMS message.
  2. In the Configure SMS window, type in the message and include predefined tags wherever required.
  1. Click Save to save the changes.

Approve Identifier Change Requests

To approve email, mobile, or external ID change requests, do the following.

1. On the left navigation menu, click ID Change Requests > Email, Mobile, or External ID that you want to update.

The following is a sample screenshot of the Email ID change request. You can see the list of pending, approved, or declined requests in the respective tabs

     2. Click the Pending tab to see the list of pending requests for approval. Navigate to the request that you want to approve and click the respective Approve button. 

You can also search a request by request id using the Search box.

To decline a request, click Decline. In the Decline Reason box, provide the reason for declining this request and click Proceed.

Update Identifiers Directly (One Step Change)

Org admins can update identifiers through one-step change without the need of sending for approval.

  1. Open the respective identifier change request page that you want to update - mobile, email or external id
  2. Click One Step Change.
  3. Enter the current identifier (email ID/mobile number/external ID) in the Existing box.
  4. Enter the new identifier (email ID, mobile number, or external ID) in the Requested To box.
  5. Click Proceed.

Download Identifier Change Requests

You can download ID change requests (Account Merge, Mobile Reallocation, Email, Mobile, or External ID) as a CSV file. To download the list of requests, do the following.

  1. On the respective identifier change requests page, click the Download drop-down that appears on the top-right
  2. Set the duration of the requests that you want to download in Start Date and End Date 
  3. In Download, select the statuses that you want to download - Pending, Approved, and Declined
  4. Click Proceed

The list gets downloaded as a CSV file.