This article covers the following topics.

  1. View customer points history
  2. View customer coupons history
  3. View customer interactions
  4. View Behavioral Event Details
  5. View customer leads
  6. View customer segment history
  7. View customer identifier change history
  8. Download points, coupons, interactions, leads, or other details in an Excel sheet.

View Points History

Points tab consists of all points information of a customer such as redeemed, expiring, expired, slab history, promotion points, loyalty tracker and transferred points.

To see points history of a customer, follow these steps.

  1. On the Customer search page, fetch the customer by name, mobile number, email id, or external id
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see the More Information field, and click the Points tab.

You will see the points redemption history by default. Click each tab to see the respective details as explained in the table below.



RedemptionsShows the points redemption history of the customer. If a transaction is returned, then you can also see the Points Reversed for the transaction.
  • Points Redeemed: Number of points redeemed.
  • Points Reversed: Number of points reversed due to transaction return.
To see the detailed breakup of redeemed points, click the respective View link.
Expiry ScheduleShows the upcoming points expiration history of the customer
Expired PointsShows the history of expired points.
Slab HistoryShows the history of tier changes of the customer
PromotionsShows the history of points issued through promotion points
Loyalty TrackerShows the history of points issued on loyalty tracker value.

Points Transfer
Shows the points transfer history of the customer - Points transferred by the customer and points received by the customer (from some other customer).  
  • Transfer Type:
  • Deduction: if points are transferred by the customer.
  • Addition: If points are transferred to the customer (by some other customer).
  • Transfer ID: Unique id associated with the points transfer.
  • Transfer From: Customer who transferred that specific points. This will be blank for the transfer type Deduction.
  • Transfer To: Customer that transferred points. This will be blank for the Transfer Type Addition.
  • Program Name: Loyalty program associated with the transferred points.

View Coupons History

Click the Coupons tab to see the history of issued/redeemed coupons. Click Issued Coupons to see the history of coupons issued to the customer and Redemptions to see the redemption history.

To reissue an active coupon to the customer, click the respective Resend button.

View Customer Interactions

To see customer interactions of different channels, click the Interactions tab. The time zone of interactions is linked to the time zone configured for the organization. Any interaction that is sent via our gateway/systmes will be shown in the org time zone.  

To see the interactions through a specific channel, click the respective tab.



SMSShows the list of SMSs sent to the customer with status details
EmailShows the list of emails sent to the customer with status details
WeChatShows the list of WeChat messages sent to the customer with status details
WebEngageShows the list of WebEngage notifications sent to the customer with status details
SurveysInteractions through surveys created by the org.

View Behavioral Event Details

To see the Behavioral Events history of the customer, navigate to the Behavioral Events tab.

  • Date: Date on which the current event details are captured.
  • Event: Event for which the details are captured.
  • Tracking ID: Tracking ID associated with the event details. To see details of a specific entity, click the respective tracking id.

  • Source: Source from which the data is captured. Example, InStore, WebEngage, WeChat
  • Account ID: Account id for sources with multiple accounts such as WeChat.
  • Till Code: Till Code associated with the event details.
  • If an event has the Till Code attribute, then the till code tagged in the Webhook or any other integration will not be considered.

View Leads History

To see the lead history of the customer, click on the Leads tab.

You will see the list of leads created for the customer with the current status.

The following are the details available in Leads history.

  1. Lead ID: Unique ID generated for the lead.
  2. Lead Type: Product (SKU) or category for which the lead is created.
  3. Lead for: Product SKU, Variant SKU, or category id (example: bundle, add-on) for which the lead is created.
  4. Status: Current status of the lead.
  5. Sub-Status: Current sub-status of the lead.
  6. Lead Owner: Customer for whom the lead is created (Here it is always the current customer).
  7. Created on: Date when the lead was created.
  8. Updated on: Date when the lead was recently updated.
  9. Last followed up: Date when the customer was contacted recently regarding the lead. This could also be a scheduled date.
  10. Next follow up: Date (future) when the next follow up is scheduled.
  11. Extended Fields: Extended field details captured for the lead.

Other Details


This field provides the segment level change history of the customer.

Change Identifier History

This field provides the identifier change history of the customer.

  1. Source: Source associated with the identifier.
  2. Account: Applicable for sources with multiple accounts such as WeChat and MartJack. Source account associated with the identifier.
  3. Identifier type: Type of the identifier. It could be mobile, email, or external_id
  4. Identifier value: The respective identifier value.
  5. Action Type: Action performed on the identifier. Add, when the identifier is added (for example, mobile number) to the customer account, Combine, when the account is merged with another account.
This will have the details of only change identifier requests and account merge requests but not the account merges that happen when registering an existing identifier in a different source account.

Download History

To download the history of points, coupons, transactions, interactions, segment, change identifier or any other details, navigate to the respective tab and click the icon Download as.

For example, if you want to download return transaction history, navigate to Transactions > Returns and click on the Excel icon.