To view transaction details, follow the steps.

  • On the customer information screen, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Transactions tab. You will see the transaction history of the customer.
  • To see regular or mixed transactions, navigate to the Purchases tab; to see return transactions, navigate to the Returns tab.
    A transaction with symbol indicates a mixed transaction, i.e., a transaction in which one or more item is exchanged (return and make a purchase).
  • To see details of a specific transaction, click on the respective transaction number.
  • Bill Number: Shows the transaction number, transaction date, time, recently updated date-time of the transaction, and shipping source till code.
  • Bill Line-item details: Shows the type of transaction of each line item, regular or mixed, along with other line-item details such as .rate, quantity, line-item level points issued, line item level discount availed, promised points, extended field details, line item attributes and so on.
  • Tenders: Shows payment mode details of the transaction.
  • Credit Notes: Credit notes of the transaction.
  • Custom Information: Custom field details of the customer.
  • Notes: Shows notes if mentioned for the transaction.
  • Extended Fields: Shows the details of the transaction and line item level extended fields.
  • Points Issued - Overview: Shows the overview of points issued to the customer which includes Current Points, Promised Points, and Total Points Issued.
  • Points Issued - Detailed Breakup: Shows details of points issued to the customer.
To expand a specific field or table, click the respective option.

Details of Points issued/returned for a transaction (in case of MLP)

If points are issued/redeemed through multiple loyalty programs for a transaction, then you can see the details at the program level, by hovering on the respective transaction's Issued Points.