To Add Ticket, click on Feedback Management (InTouch Workbench page). Click Add Ticket option, the following page appears:

Clients can add a new ticket for their customer's feedback. This ticket can be used for future references and also can be used by customers in checking the status of their raised ticket. Few fields are mandatory that needs to be filled and remaining are custom fields, for example, feedback_anniversary, the purpose of visit etc. Once all fields are filled, click on Submit.

Find below the description of the mandatory fields:

Mandatory Field NameDescription
StatusSelect from the drop-down the required options (OPEN, PARTIAL, CLOSE)
DepartmentSelect from the drop-down the department (APPARELS, BOOKS, HOME-NEEDS)
PrioritySelect either low, medium or high priority from the drop-down.
SubjectIssue of the complaint is the subject for example Wrong Size, Fade Colour etc.
DetailsWrite a description giving specific of the complaint raised
Mobile NumberEnter customer's registered mobile number
Customer NameEnter the name of the customer
Email IdEnter registered email id
Assigned ToAssign it to respective department heads or person concerned
Due DateProvide a due date for the complaint to be resolved