Offer exchange is the new feature for our new customer acquisition program. Essentially, it allows an organization to run promotions for any other organization on the Capillary platform. A number of capabilities, such as real-time, location, and customer specific offers would be a part of this module at a later point in time.Offer Exchange formalizes the concept of hosting offers from a brand on partner platforms. 

Offer exchange introduces terms "Partner", "Publisher" and "Supplier". A partner is any organization which wants to participate in the NCA(New Customer Acquisition) program. A publisher is a partner which is interested in publishing (or hosting) an offer to their customer base. "Supplier" is a partner which is interested in running promotions on publisher's platform. Both "publisher" and "supplier" are attributes of an organization in Capillary CRM. An organization can be both publisher and supplier. In the case of a third party (i.e. the organization is not a Capillary CRM customer), the organization needs to be created and marked as publisher/supplier.
How does it work?

Registering an organization as a Partner

1. Go to Organization Settings page in Campaigns

2. Select Offer Exchange from the left panel and click on Partner Details

3. Select the organization which you want to designate as partner

4. Select whether you want to mark it as supplier, publisher or both

Inline image 1

Enabling NCA for either Supplier/Publisher

To enable NCA, go to Campaigns Home Page, select Campaigns Settings on the right panel as shown below:

 On clicking Campaign Settings, following page appears.Next, click on NCA. 

In the NCA Settings enable the NCA by selecting the ON button. Click Submit.

Creating Campaigns
Once an organization is marked as a supplier, the campaigns can be created by logging into that organization as usual. To create New Campaigns refer (Creating Campaigns).The only change is that one coupon series needs to be created per publisher. For example, if you want to run NCA for Peter England on FreeCharge, you need to log into Peter England organization and create a coupon series for FreeCharge. To know how to create Coupon Series refer (Creating Coupons).In the Capillary Organization, you can start seeing all the listed suppliers and publishers.

Inline image 3

Inline image 4

Editing Coupon Series

In the Attached Coupon Series, click Edit from the drop down. The following page appears:

In the Configure Coupon Series Page, Is this a NCA coupon series? enable to ON. Select which organization is hosting that offer in the drop down and click on Save. See figure below:

Accessing the Campaigns:
When a coupon series is created for publishers, it will start reflecting in their own login. From there coupons, creatives and T&Cs can be downloaded and further hosted on the platform. See figure below: