Creatives tab helps in configuring WeChat, email, text, and coupon templates for use in campaigns. These templates can then be used for sending discount coupons, reminders, and offers to customers through emails and SMSs.

On the CAMPAIGNS tab, click Creatives. You will see the Email Templates category by default.


In the top drop-down list, choose the respective category (Email Templates/ Coupon Templates/ Images/ WeChat Templates/Mobile Push) to view the existing templates for that category.


Create email template with the available tags.You can make use of the pre-defined tags that appear in TAGS field to create a template. Check Creating Email Templates

Use the Insert Image option as shown in the above figure.

Image Gallery consists of a library of images. The images can be used when creating templates or when adding messages in a campaign. You can search for a specific image through the search box or select from the existing and Insert Image as shown below:

Note: While uploading any image, the file size should not be more than 5MB.