Use the profile to add tracker details to the existing transactions of customers or user groups. The following table provides the list of fields supported for Trackers profile. 

Field Name

Data Type




Is Mandatory?

Mobile/Email/External ID/User ID*


Customer’s unique identifiers

Valid registered identifiers of the customer or the unique user id generated in InTouch


At least one identifier is mandatory

Bill Number


Bill Number for which tracker data needs to be imported

Valid transaction number of that customer


If Identification of Bill is “Standard Fields” 

Transaction Date


Transaction date

Valid transaction date of the provided transaction number


If Identification of Bill is “Standard Fields”

Store Code


Store code on which the transaction is done

Valid Store


If Identification of Bill is “Standard Fields”

Loyalty Log Id 


Email of the existing admin user

Should be a valid email id available in InTouch as an active admin user.


If Identification of Bill is “Loyalty Log Id”

Item Id


Lineitem Id 

Valid line-item id (should be tagged with the given transaction)


If tracker type is line-item

Tracked Value*


Tracked Value

No validation done for now



Configuration Dependencies for Tracker Import

Denote stores by external idsIndicates if the value provided in “store code” field has the external id of the store
Replace invalid store names withReplaces invalid stores provided in “store code” field with the store selected in this config
Append country code to the mobile number automaticallyAppends country code to the mobile numbers (Mobile) field automatically
Identification of Bill(Transaction)Possible values “LOYALTY_LOG_ID” and “STANDARD_FIELDS”.
  • LOYALTY_LOG_ID: If this value is selected, then “Loyalty Log Id” will be mandatory, and the transaction is identified based on the loyalty log id
  • STANDARD_FIELDS: if this value is selected, then “bill number”, “store code” and “transaction date” will be mandatory, and the transaction is identified based on all these three fields
Choose customers' unique identifierSet the unique identifier used for customers - MOBILE, EXTERNAL_ID, EMAIL, USER_ID.
TrackerChoose the tracker for which you want to import data.
This config lists all the trackers created for that organization.
User Group2 Enabled

Check this option to import tracker details for group transactions. 

You will see an option to choose the identifier type to recognize the group - User Group2 Identifier Type.

User Group2 Identifier Type

Select the identifier for the group used in the CSV file. You can pass any of the following identifiers of the group.


You need to have the field that you select here in the CSV file and map it to the respective field.

Promotional Rewards

Customer Promotion

This profile lets you import customer level promotion programs.

  • Mobile/Email/External ID/User ID/Card Number/Card External ID*
  • Till IUN Or Store Ext Id(Store Code)*: Till or Store from which points are issued
  • Points* (to be issued)
  • User Group2 Identifier (Fleet Group Identifier) : Identifier selected for the user group. Required for group import.

Template Configuration

If you import multiple files using a specific template, all will have the same promotion identifier assigned to them.

  • The identifier is retained as long as no changes are made to the template.
  • When you make a change in the template and save, a new identifier is generated.

Choose customers' unique identifierChoose the unique identifier of the customer used at the organization.
Append country code to the mobile number automaticallyCheck this box to prefix the base country code of the org's base country wherever mobile numbers without country code are identified.
Denote stores by external IDsCheck if stores are denoted by store external ids.
Replace invalid store names withChoose the store that you want to replace with in place of invalid stores identified in the import.
Promotion name

Enter the name of the promotion.

Note: The name you specify will store in the backend directly. Hence, when you fetch details, the system no longer appends the timestamp to promotion name (as earlier), but retains the name that you specified.

All programs for the org
Select the expiry strategy for points expiryChoose the desired points expiry strategy for the points issued through the current template.
User group2 enabledCheck this option if you want to issue points to user groups and not individual.
You will see User Group2 Identifier Type. Choose the appropriate group identifier type that you used in the CSV.

Set user defined promotion identifier    

Check this if you want to use an external identifier for the promotion and enter the identifier in the text box that appears.

  • When you provide a  new identifier, a new promotion is created with the given identifier and name.
  • When you provide an existing identifier, points will be awarded under the existing promotion.

NOTE:  Ensure you provide the same promotion name when using existing promotion identifier. If there is a mismatch, the system will throw an error.