Template messages are created by default for a WeChat account at the organization level. You can just map the template fields to the predefined tags, add a header and a footer text, and save it. The predefined tags cannot be modified and are used to include dynamic values in the message.  

Note: You cannot create new template messages, but you can use existing templates and map the fields as required

To map a template message

  1. On the Creative Assets page, choose WeChat Templates in View Only
  2. In the middle drop-down box, select the specific WeChat account for which you want to map the current template
  3. In the last drop-down box, choose Template Messages


  1. Click Map Template


  1. In Select Template, choose the template for which you want to map tags. Only unmapped templates will he shown in this drop-down
  2. Based on the chosen template, the fields configured for that template will appear


  1. In Header, specify the header for the template
  2. Use drop-down to map the fields to the respective tags. For example, you can see firstname, lastname, email, slab, points, store mobile number, store address and so on


  1. In Footer, specify the template footer
  2. In Link to the details page, specify the URL that needs to be opened on clicking on the message. For example, you can include the redirection URL where the complete message details are mentioned
  3. See how the message appears to the recipient using Preview Message and the click Save Template to same the mapping