A Multi Image Broadcast message is created using multiple Single Image Broadcast messages. You can include up to 10 Single Image Broadcast messages in a Multi Image Broadcast message. You cannot add or modify existing content of a single image template and no dynamic tags can be included in these templates.

Note: You cannot include dynamic tags in Single Image Broadcast messages. You can send messages with only static content.

To create a Multi Image Broadcast message:

  1. On the Creative Assets page, choose WeChat Templates in View Only
  2. In the middle drop-down box, select the WeChat account for which you want to create a new template
  3. In the last drop-down box, choose Multi Image Broadcast


  1. Click New Template. You will see a new page to configure Multi Image Broadcast template


  1. In Template Name, type a name for the template
  2. Click the Cover Image grey box and select the desired single image broadcast template for the cover image
  3. Similarly, upload multiple single image templates by clicking the respective Title for this SIBM goes here grey box
  4. To add more single image broadcast templates, click Add one more placeholder


  1. Once the template design is completed, click Save Template. You can preview the template by clicking Preview Template