A Single Image Broadcast message consists of a cover image, title and summary text. You need to upload images for single image broadcast messages from your local drive. The image can be linked to an URL which could contain more details about the message which could contain text and embedded images. 

Note: You cannot include dynamic tags in Single Image Broadcast messages. You can send messages with only static content.

To create a Single Image Broadcast message:

  1. On the Campaign's home page, click Creative Assets
  2. In View Only,select WeChat Templates 
  3. In the middle drop-down box, select the WeChat account for which you want to map the current template
  4. In the last drop-down box, choose Single Image Broadcast


  1. Click New Template. You will see the Single Image Broadcast template configuration page


  1. In Template Name, specify a meaningful name for the template
  2. In Title, specify the subject for the template in not more than 64 characters
  3. In Cover Image, click on Upload Pic and upload the image that you want to use for the template
  4. In Summary, provide a brief description of the template
  5. In Content, design the content as desired using images and text. User will see this message when he/she clicks on the Cover Image
  6. To preview the template, click Preview Template
  7. Once the template is designed, click Save Template