+What are Sticky Lists?

Sticky lists are customer lists that can be reused across any campaign created for an organization. These are also known as seed lists and can be used for testing purpose. One sticky list can have a maximum of 50 customers.

+Can we insert videos in emailers for email campaigns?

Yes, you can insert videos into the emailers using the Flash icon that appears in the email template editor.  You have to paste the Embed link of the respective video to appear in the email.

+When should I use Schedule option and the Fixed Date option when configuring messages in a campaign?

Select Fixed Date option to send a campaign message just for one-time on a fixed date.
In order to send the same message at regular intervals you can choose Scheduled option.

For example, if you have designed a campaign that offers a discount every weekend for two months, choose the Schedule option to enable sending the message to your customers every Friday. But, if you want to send a message just once (for example, at the start of the month), select the Fixed Date option and set the date.

+Can I create a coupon series with different discounts?

No, you can offer only one discount value for a coupon series. 

+Can I verify whether a Campaign properly configured?

Yes, you can verify whether you have properly configured a campaign or not. To do so, on the Campaigns page, browse the campaign you want to verify using the search box and click View.
The complete list of configurations are available on the Overview tab in Checklist table.
Properly configured fields are displayed in green and incomplete configuration or wrongly configured parameters are displayed in red.

+Can I check email delivery report at user level?

Yes, you can check the email delivery status for each user. To do so, on the Campaigns page, browse the campaign you want to verify using the search box and click Reports button.
On the Email Open Metrics page, click Filter by Customer List > In Select Customer List, choose the customer list to view individual user's report.