+How can I verify settings of a campaign that is currently running?

1. Click the Campaigns page.
2. Scroll to the campaign you want to view (Use the search box to fetch the campaign easily.
3. Click the View button.

The following screen appears with campaign details displayed on the header.

If you want to edit the settings, click the Edit button.

+How can I download the details of a particular campaign type?

You can download the complete details of each campaign type: Outbound, Referral or Bounceback.
To download, do the following:
1. Sign on to the Capillary Cloud Admin.
2. Click the Campaigns tab
3. Choose the type of campaign you want to download - Outbound, Bounceback or Referral.
4. Click the Download Campaign Tracker button.

A CSV file is downloaded with all the campaign details of that particular type.
The following fields appear in the CSV file: Campaign Name, Audience Group Name, Filter Type, Explanation ( exact criterion applied for filter ), Campaign created by,Campaign Approved by, Campaign Type, Campaign Start date, Campaign End date, InTouch Campaign ID, Coupon Series ID, Message Text, Message sent time stamp, Total Audience, Credit used for entire campaign

+How can I choose my target audience?

You can choose audience list in three ways:
• Sticky List – This list can be reused across different campaigns; this is an organization specific list.
• Upload List – Upload a file with the list. This can be used when pre-defined customer lists are available.
• Filter – Create a list based on rules.

+How do I create an organization-level customer list?

Sticky list can be used to create a customer list that can be accessed across an organization for various campaigns.
To create audience list that can be accessed across the organization 
1. Open the Campaign page and click STICKY LIST under Resources.

2. Click Create New and create the sticky list.

+How can I create a customer list based on the existing data with Capillary?

You can create a customer list with existing data using Filters. For more information about using filters, click here.

+How can I upload coupons manually?

After a coupon series is created, you can upload coupons using Upload Coupons.

  • Make sure that while configuring the coupon series, the Generate Automatic Coupon Code option is set to NO.
  • Upload CSV file with the fields Voucher, PIN, and Mobile Number.

+How do I create message template for SMS Campaign?

To create message template for the SMS:

  1. Select the campaign and click the Messages tab. Then click SMS.

The following screen appears.


  1. Type your message in the area as shown in callout 1.
  2. Add the required custom tags from the Custom Tags option as shown in callout 2.
  3. Select the customer list to whom you want to deliver the message from the Campaign Groups list (shown in Callout 3). The Campaign Groups list contains the set of lists you earlier created in the Customer list tab. 
  4. Schedule the message using the options shown in Callout 4. You can choose to send the message at a later date or on a daily basis.
  5. Set Send to NDNC customers as NO.
  6. Click Review & Send to review the message.

+How do I test a message template of an SMS Campaign before approving the campaign?

In the New Message window, after creating the SMS message, selecting the list and scheduling the message, you can send a test message to a customer to verify the message. 

To send a test SMS, do the following:

  1. In the new message window, click Review & Send.

The following screen appears. 

  1. Click Send Test SMS

The following page appears

  1. Select Choose a sticky list to select customer list from sticky groups or select Paste List to manually add the recipients to whom the SMS should be sent in the order email id,name. To enter multiple recipients, enter each entry in a new line
  2. Click Send
  3. The email campaign is sent to the selected recipients.
Verify whether the SMS is appearing as desired. 

+How do I configure message template for Email Campaign?

To create content for the email, do the following:

  1. First select the campaign and click the Messages tab. Then click Email.

  1. Select the template you want to use as shown in callout 1.
  2. Click Edit Messages to add the subject and the content as shown in callout 2. 

The following screen appears.

  1. In the message body, type the content and insert images as shown in callout 1. 
  2. To add tags, just click the tag from the list on the left as shown in callout 2. You can also add social networking site logos, if you need them in your message body.

+How do I create a recurring birthday campaign so I can wish customers six days before their birthdays?

Create a new outbound campaign with the following customer configuration:

  1. Create a customer list using filters.

  2. The Filters screen appears which allows you to create customer group using pre-defined filters.
  1. In the Customer List Name box, type a name for the new customer list.
  2. Select the Birthday filter.

There are three options available for creating a birthday:

  • Exact Date: Allows you to choose the exact date.
  • Date of Message Plus: Allows you to choose the number of days earlier from the current date.
  • Date of Message Minus: Allows you to choose the number of days later from the current date.
To choose customers whose birthdays fall in the next 6 days:

Choose Date of Message Plus in the drop-down box and set Birthday Between to 1. The date is considered from the next day and the date appears under the box as shown in the following screen.

Select the above criteria (this displays an Estimated date – assuming a message has to be triggered today, this is the estimated Birthday date of the customer).

Please note that this list is automatically updated on a daily basis. And user should set a scheduler accordingly.

  1. Click Apply to create a customer list.

Schedule this campaign for all day’s / Week’s / all month’s and set the time as required. Refer the section Configuring Campaign Messages

+How do I send reminder/offers to customers who didn't redeem their coupons?

You can send reminders or coupons to customers who have not yet redeemed the coupons issued to them.

To send coupons

  1. Create an outbound campaign with customer list as filter based

  1. Choose the Coupon Expiry Days from the available filters
  2. In the Coupons that would expire in (days) box, set the number days within which the coupons expire.

For example, if 5 is selected, then the customers whose coupons expire within 5 days are selected.

  1. Set the Inverse Selection to Yes
  2. In the Customer List Name box, type a name for the customer list
  3. Click Apply Filter to choose the
  4. Configure the other parameters and coupons and messages

Choose the customer list that you created using this process when configuring messages.

+How can I check available SMS credits for my organization?

To check SMS credits of your organization:

  1. Log on to the Cloud Admin.
  2. Click the Settings icon.
  3. In Communications Gateway, click SMS Credit Report

  1. Click Organization Credits table to see the SMS credits

+How can I set email alert for SMS credits that are lapsing?

To configure threshold SMS credit notification

  1. Open Workbench tab
  2. In Notifications field, click Settings icon

A pop-up screen appears

  1. Click SMS Threshold

  1. Set the number of SMS credits for when an email should be notified and click Submit
  2. Click Configure Email and set the email id to which notification has to be sent and click Submit