Recipient list can also be uploaded using a CSV file. This process saves a lot of time when you want to add large number of customers.

  1. First create a CSV file with Email ID/Mobile no, Name and Custom tags 
  2. In the Recipient Lists tab, click + New Recipient List and select Upload CSV. The following screen appears:Figure 1: Uploading Customers through CSV file

  1. In the List Name box, type a name for the customer list.  
  2. In the Custom Tags count, enter the number of customized columns you want to add.
  3. Click Browse, navigate to the location where you have saved the CSV file, and select the CSV file. 
  4. In the User Type, select the mode of communication you have chosen for the campaign: Mobile for SMS campaign and Email for email campaign. 
  5. In the Test&Control Type, If one selects  org level test/control then all existing user will follow org level test/control and all non existing user will randomly distribute into Test/control. You can also select list level test control or choose to skip any test/control split
  6. Click Upload