Campaign Manager allows you to create customer groups that you can use in campaigns across the organization. These customer groups are called as sticky lists. In the Sticky Lists tab, you can create a new list and add customers to the list. You can also add new customers to an existing sticky list or delete existing sticky lists. 

To create a brand level customer group, do the following:

  1. In the Sticky Lists tab, click +New List.

The following screen appears.


Figure 1: Creating a new sticky list

  1. In the List Name box, type a name for the new sticky list. (Providing a relevant name for the group will make your work easy when you use the groups you created.) 
  2. In the User Type drop-down box, choose the unique identifier used for customers:
  • Mobile: If your brand uses customer's mobile number as unique identifier 
  • Email: If your brand uses customer's email id as unique identifier 
  • User Id: If your brand uses customer's user id or external id as unique identifier 
  1. Click Browse and navigate to the location where you have saved the CSV file. Select the CSV file you created using customer unique identifier (mobile number, email ID, or user ID) and customer name.
  2. Click Create List