The Live Monitoring Report consists of the following statuses: Sent, Not Sent, and In-Progress.


Sent means that the SMS or email has been sent to the gateway. The sub-categories in Sent are as follows:




The total number of messages (SMSs or emails) sent for that campaign. The count includes all the messages that are delivered, opened, clicked,bounced, marked as spam, and marked as unsubscribed.


SMS or Email delivered to the recipient.


Bounced includes

Hard Bounced: The message was sent to the recipients, but returned and is permanently undeliverable. The reasons include invalid mobile numbers or email addresses (mobile number or domain name doesn't exist, typos, etc.).
Soft Bounced: The message is temporarily undeliverable. A soft bounce might occur because the recipient's mailbox is full, the server is down, or the message is too large.


Total recipients who have opened the email.

Note: Opened count represents the last updated data, which is updated on a daily basis at 1 am.


Total recipients who have opened and clicked on a link provided in the email. This includes recipients who unsubscribed from the marketing communication after opening the message.

Note: Clicked count represents the last updated data, which is updated on a daily basis at 1 am.


Recipient marked the email as spam.

Marked Unsubscribed  

 Recipient unsubscribed from marketing communication after the message was opened.


Here is how the Sent Count is calculated:

  • Sent Count = Email or SMS Delivered + Bounced + X. Here X represents emails or SMS that are not delivered + those in Gateway
  • Delivered = 

    Email or SMS 

     Delivered + Opened 

Not Sent

Not Sent means that the Email or SMS has not been sent to the customer for the following reasons:



Internally Suppressed List

The status appears for any of the following reasons:

  • The customer had unsubscribed from marketing communication

  • The customer was in the National Do Not Call (NDNC) list
  • The organization had run out of credit
  • Configuration pre-set limit to stop too many messages from being sent

  • Organization disabled from the system

  • Configuration issues

  • Message bounced repeatedly

  • Incomplete/Invalid Information

    The status appears for any of the following reasons:

  • The email ID of the customer is not available
  • The mobile number of the customer is not available or invalid
  • Customer is not registered to the loyalty program
  • Coupon configuration issues
  • Coupon had expired
  • Coupon ID was not available
  • Coupon with an incorrect date format
  • Coupon had already been redeemed
  • Data not available (For example, absence of custom tag, custom field value, last shopped store, or profile.)
  • Gateway configuration issues
  • System Error

    The status appears for any of the following system errors:

  • System issues such as timeout or handler not found
  • Configuration issues such as coupon issue error or referral service error
  • Subscription service error
  • In Progress

    In Progress means that the message has been processed and has the following statuses:




    The messages has been queued.

    About to be Sent

    The message has been sent to an internal module for further processing and will be sent shortly.