Organizations can now generate subscription user reports to know which customers have opted in and who had opted out of promotions and transaction alerts for a specific duration. You can export the report to your computer or see the report on the InTouch UI.

To generate the subscription reports, you must enter the following fields:

  • Last Updated Start Date: Enter the start date using the Calendar option
  • Last Updated End Date: Enter the end date using the Calendar option
  • Select Subscription Type: Select Opt-In for finding customers who have subscribed, Opt-Out to find those who have unsubscribed, or both Opt-In and Opt-Out to find customers who had subscribed and unsubscribed
  • Select Channel Type: Select Email, SMS, or both 
  • Select Priority: Select Trans for finding transaction alert message subscribers. Bulk for finding promotional message subscribers. Trans, Bulk for both types of subscribers.
  • Action: Select Export Report to download the report as a CSV file or select Display Report Below to view it on the InTouch UI.

Figure 1: Subscription User Report Fields

The following report lists the users who have subscribed and unsubscribed for promotions and transaction alerts through Email for a specified duration.

Figure 2: Subscription User Report