Capillary’s Campaign Manager is a marketing automation solution that helps in creating significant and personalized multi-channel marketing campaigns. Reach out to your customers by running campaigns using emails, mobiles, social media and in-store outlets.Capillary's Campaign Manager backed by customer analytic helps in creating significant and personalized email/SMS campaigns and generate campaign reports.

The Campaigns module consists of the following tabs:

You can use the Campaigns module to do the following:

  • Create new campaigns.To know more click on New Campaigns
  • View live, lapsed, and upcoming campaigns 
  • Create coupons, email, and text templates, image gallery for use in campaigns 
  • Create sticky lists for use in campaigns 
  • View the number of available email and SMS credits 
  • Send emails and SMSs to customers as part of the campaigns

 A campaign is an umbrella under which you organize and manage information so that a promotion or an offer is communicated effectively to members of your loyalty program.Depending on the Campaign type you want to create, choose any of the following topics:

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