Points Expiry lets you configure validity for the points issued either through loyalty module or campaign module. Points expiry helps in bringing customers back to your stores to redeem their points before expiry thus keeps customers engaged with stores.

You can set the validity of points earned at the tier level - in x days, at the end of x months, and on a fixed date. Points Expiry supports notifications for points expiry in advance  through SMS, email, and WeChat; and also when expired.

In case of MLP, points expiry strategies created in a program cannot be used any other program of the org, not even in the org default program.

To create a new points expiry strategy or modify an existing strategy, follow these steps.

  1. On the Configure page of a loyalty program, go to the Points Expiry tab.
  2. Click +New to create a new strategy [OR] Click the Edit button of an existing strategy that you want to modify. 

Use Show Expiry Strategies to see strategies of only loyalty module, campaign module. By default, you will see strategies of both modules (All Modules).

You will see the expiry strategy configuration pop-up.

  1. In Name, specify a name for the expiry strategy.
  2. In Module using the strategy, choose Loyalty to use the current strategy in the loyalty module [OR] choose Campaign to use the current strategy in the campaign module.
  3. In Points expire at the end of, specify the validity of the points - choose the desired option using the drop-down and set the value in the text box.

    No. of daysChoose this option to set the validity in number of days. 

    For example, if you set 30 for expire based on Event Date, points will expire after 30 days from the date of issual.

    Month(s) endChoose this option to set the validity in number of months. 
    Points will expire on the last day of the specified number of months. 
    Consider points issued to a customer on 10 Jan, 2018, and Expire based on is 5 Month(s) End.
    Points will expire on 31 May, 2018.
    NeverChoose this option to provide lifetime validity for the points issued.
    Fixed dateChoose this option to set a fixed expiry date (day end) and set the date in the calendar box that appears.
  4. In Expire points based on, choose on basis you want to expire points - start date to consider for points validity.

Event datePoints issued on a particular date expire as per the configured expiry date. Example 
For transaction event, transaction date is the event date, registration event, registration date is the event date.
Rolling expiry from the event date

The start date of points validity will be moved based on the recent transaction date. That is, if a customer earns points before the expiry of existing points, the validity of all points will reset to the new points expiry date.

Consider points validity is set to 12 months based on the Event Date.

If 10 points are issued to a customer for a transaction made on Jan 1, 2018, will have an expiry date of 31 Dec, 2018. If customer makes another transaction on 1 Feb, 2018, and earns 20 points, the validity for the entire 30 points will be moved to 28 Feb 2019.

Note: Only the points that were issued via rolling strategies will be extended.
Membership expiry datePoints expire automatically when the membership expires. This is usually used for membership-based loyalty. 
However, if a customer renews his/her membership before expiry, the validity of the points can be extended as per the new membership expiry date using the option Extend points validity on tier extension on Configure Tier Downgrade Strategy.
  1. In Description, specify a short description of the strategy.
  2. Click Create. The new strategy is created.
  3. On the EventsView page, configure rulesets for the required events to execute the expiry strategy.
The points validity can be extended only for the points that are set to expire based on Rolling Expiry from Event Date.

Set up Points Expiry Reminders

You can notify customers in advance through SMS, email, and WeChat about their points expiry and also when their points are expired.

To configure reminders for points expiry, follow these steps.

  1. On the Points Expiry tab, Scroll down to Expiry reminder settings field and check Alert customer before the points expire

  1. In Alert __ days before the expiry date, set when to notify customers prior to the expiry date. For example, Alert 3 days before the expiry date. 
  2. Click Add another alert to create more reminders and set the each alert before days accordingly. For example, you can set to notify about points expiry 7 days before, 5 days before, 3 days before, and 1 day before
  • Always: Select this to send reminders to customers prior their points expiry with out any condition.

  • Only When: Select this to send reminders to customers only if the specified condition is met. Define the condition based on the description provided in the following table.
You can configure one or more of the conditions listed under Only When.

Points to Expire
Select this option to send a reminder only if points that are going to expire are greater than or equal to the value that you specify.
For example, Send reminder, only when Points to expire are > 30.
Lifetime Points
Select this option to send a reminder only if a customer's lifetime points are greater than the value you specify here. For example, send points expiry reminders to customers only if their lifetime points are > 300.
Current Points
Select this option to send a reminder only if a customer's only if their active points are more than the value you specify here.
For example, Send expiry reminder only if a customer's active points are > 50.
Lifetime Purchases
Select this option to send a reminder only if a customer's lifetime purchase value is greater than the value you specify here.
For example, send points expiry reminders to customers only if their lifetime purchases are > $1300.
Belongs to either of the tiers

Select this option to send expiry reminders only to customers of a specific tier. Select the tiers accordingly. 

  1. Click SMS/Email/WeChat to setup the respective message. For more information, see Configuring Notification Messages.
  2. Click Save to save the points expiry settings.
  • You need to configure message for at least one channel.
  • If a message is not set for a channel, you will see the suffix - Not Set. For example, SMS - Not Set.
  • For configured messages, you will see an option to Edit as shown in the following screenshot.

Configure Events for Points Expiry Strategy

In addition to the instructions provided on this page, you must also configure an event for executing the desired points expiry strategy.

  1. On the Events View page, when setting points allocation action, you will see Points expiry. Select the desired points expiry for the chosen allocation type.
  2. Click Save and Reconfigure to reflect the changes in the live program.