You can configure to set up a program from the scratch or modify an existing program.

To configure a loyalty program, follow these steps.

  1. Log on to InTouch of your cluster and go to the Loyalty tab.

  1. Click the Configure option of the loyalty program that you want to set up or modify.

  1. Create and configure all the required strategies for the loyalty program.
  1. Add tiers and setup tier upgrade strategy for each tier.
  2. Enable and setup tier downgrade strategy if required.
  3. Create points allocation strategies as required.
  4. Create points redemption strategies.
  5. Create points expiry strategies.
  6. Create points return strategy.
  7. Create payment mode-based strategies if you want to incentivize on payment modes.
  8. Create tracker strategies if you want to incentivize on values of a specific period.
  9. Create new offers or claim offers created in Offers Management to incentivize coupons in Loyalty.
Ensure you save changes made on a page before navigating to another page (tab).
  1. Create notification messages wherever required. You can create message templates for SMS, email, WeChat, and Mobile Push. 
  2. Create rule-sets for each event to define rules and the corresponding action to execute for each rule. Also see, how to Write Rule Expressions.
  3. Save changes and reconfigure the program. Click Reconfigure to reflect the changes in the live program.