Capillary’s Loyalty Manager helps create an effective loyalty program(s) that upsurge customer enrollment and engagement through points or coupon incentives. The platform provides flexibility to customize a loyalty program to match business needs. 

In Loyalty Manager, you can create a regular loyalty program that usually runs for a longer duration and promotion programs that you want to run for a shorter period. You can reward customers with points and coupons based on their purchases, and grade their loyalty with tiers. You can reward customers differently for different tiers. You can have a loyalty program running on multiple sources (InStore, e-commerce store, WeChat, and mobile app) while maintaining a single customer profile across sources. 

Types of Loyalty Programs

On the basis of enrollment types. A loyalty program is categorized into the following types.

  • Free Membership Loyalty: In this type, customers are enrolled in the org's loyalty program for free. A customer's loyalty journey starts from the base loyalty tier, and their loyalty tier is upgraded based on the purchases made.
  • Membership based loyalty: In this type, customers need to purchase a loyalty membership (a loyalty tier), which will have a fixed validity. A customer can enjoy the loyalty benefits throughout the validity period and can renew the tier if required by paying the additional charges.
  • Group loyalty: A group is a unit consisting of a primary member and secondary members. The primary member acts as the group admin and can add secondary members (example friends or family members) to the group or remove existing members. The group loyalty lets you reward an entire group based on the purchases of individual group members. For more details, see Create Group Loyalty Program.
  • Supplementary membership program: These are small programs in addition to the default program created for specific customers. Each membership could have a different expiry.
  • Points-based partner programs: These are third-party programs of the org for which Loyalty+ enables syncing tiers and add or remove customers to the loyalty program. 

Multi-Loyalty Program (for Orgs with multiple Org Units)

Multi-Loyalty Programs (or MLP) enables orgs with multiple brands to run a separate loyalty program for each of its org units besides maintaining a single profile of a customer and also for a centralized reporting. The loyalty back-end team can enable MLP for an org.

Each loyalty program needs to be configured in the system and there should be a defined boundary between each program. For example, a conglomerate Reliance wants to run different brands, say Trends, Jewel, and Foodworld, working across zones East, West, and South. In this case Reliance can either run loyalty programs at a brand-level (concept) or zone-level.

To know how to create a loyalty program for each org unit, see Creating a New Loyalty Program for MLP Enabled Orgs.