A completely upgraded HTML Text Editor is now available for adding or editing Email templates. The new HTML Text Editor consists of the following new features.

Multiple-Blocks Templates

To have full control over the structure of your content, the new HTML Text Editor supports multiple blocks in your email templates. This helps you edit content block-wise, and thus control the quality of the edited content.

The following screenshot shows a standard template that contains multiple blocks (distinguished by boxes around each block).

Figure 1: Multiple-blocks Template

To edit a block, double-click the block. A toolbar appears when you double-click. Make the required changes using the toolbar. 

Figure 2: Editing a block in the Email Template

To view or edit the HTML code in the block, select the block and double-click the </> icon. Make the required changes to the code and click OK.


Figure 3: Viewing HTML Code for a Block

Standard Templates containing Multiple Blocks

The Creatives tab displays a list of standard templates that contain multiple blocks.

To view these multiple-block templates, do the following:

1.In the Campaigns module, click the Creatives tab. Then click Email Templates.

Figure 4: Viewing Standard Templates

2.On the Email Templates page, click +Template. Then click Standard Templates.

You see a set of standard templates that contain multiple blocks. 

Optimized Toolbar

The toolbar in the HTML editor has been customized to show only the important options. The new toolbar helps save space to have a better typing experience.


Figure 5: New Optimized Toolbar


Figure 6: Older Toolbar

Switching to the Older HTML Editor 

To switch back to the older HTML Editor when editing an Email template, simply click the Switch to Old Editor button.


Figure 7: Switching to the Old HTML Editor


Figure 8: The Older HTML Editor View

Editing Older Email Templates with the New HTML Editor

As the older Email templates contained a single block, when you edit an older template with the new HTML Editor, you see the template as a single block. 

Figure 9: Editing An Older Template in New HTML Editor

Sample Block-wise Email Template

A sample block-wise email template has been attached for reference.