What is Data Import Framework?

The Data Import Framework is a web application that helps to upload offline data generated at the stores to the Capillary Database.

When InStore is operated online, it continuously syncs the data generated at the PoS to the Capillary Database. However, in cases where data is not captured through InStore but saved in the PoS machines, you can use the Data Import Framework to upload such data to the Capillary Database.

How can I import data to the Capillary Database?

Based on the size of the data, you can import data in two ways:

  • Import directly: If the number of entries in the CSV file are less than 700,000, you can directly upload the data (.csv) file in Data Import Framework. 
  • Import through an FTP server: If the number of entries in the csv file are from 700,000 to 1,000,000, you need to import data from an FTP server. For this, you need to provide read/write access to a specific directory of the FTP Server and schedule the import job on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  

What all data can I import through Data Import Framework?

The data corresponding to each activity type will be grouped as a category called profiles.  Data Import Framework lets you import the data of following profiles activities. 

  • Customer
    • Identifier Cleanup
    • Loyalty Customers
    • User Subscription
  • Inventory
    • Brands
    • Category
    • Inventory
    • Inventory Updates for Line-items
  • Loyalty Rewards
    • Coupon Redemption
    • Lifetime Purchases Recalculation
  • MLP
    • Bill Import for MLP
    • Customer Program Enrollment
  • Org Entities
    • Admin Users
    • Attribution Lookup Import
    • Concepts
    • Zones
    • Stores
    • Store Server
    • Store TILLs
  • Points & Slabs
    • Bill Points Promotion (Accrual)
    • Line-item Points Promotion
    • Redeem Points
    • Slab
  • Points Deductions
    • Bill Promotion Expiry
    • Customer Promotion Expiry
    • Transactions Bills Deduction
  • Transactions
    • Transaction Dump
    • Loyalty Transactions
    • Loyalty Transaction Line-items
    • Transactions (Not interested)
    • Transaction Line-items (Not interested)
    • Extended Fields
    • Transaction Returns
    • Update Transactions Outlier status (Not Interested Transactions)
    • Payment mode import
  • Trackers
  • Promotional Rewards
    • Customer Promotion
  • Promotional Rewards
    • Customer Promotion
  • Scores
    • Recommendation
  • Cleanup
    • Bill Amount Import

For detailed information on each profile, click the respective category link.

Can I restrict the number of entries in an import job? 

Data Import Framework lets you limit the entries to import for each profile through templates. Create a template for the profile and set the limit. When configuring an import job, choose the desired profile template.

How can I check the status of a data import job?

You can check the detailed status of an import job on the Import File Details page.

Can I import multiple profiles data at a time?

Through direct import, you can choose only one file at a time. However, you can import multiple files at a time through FTP.