Coupon details consist of the following information.

  • Basic details such as coupon code, series code, series id, created date, expiry date, and the status of the coupon.
  • The customer who received the coupon.
  • The campaign for which the coupon was created.
  • The store that issued the coupon.
  • If the coupon had been redeemed, then the information such as the redemption date, the store where the redemption was done, the discount issued for the coupon, and the customer who redeemed it.

To fetch details of a specific coupon, follow these steps.

  1. Log on to InTouch and click Member Care.
  2. Navigate to  Search > Coupon.
  3. In Coupon Search, enter the coupon code that you want to search and press Enter.
    Autosuggestion does not work for coupon search. You need to type the complete coupon code.