Member Care is a web application that lets you manage and view customer accounts, goodwill requests, identifier change requests, and tickets. You can also view customer activities, behavioural events and interactions.

 The module lets you do the following.

  • Search for customers using names or identifiers across sources such as InStore, Facebook, WeChat, MartJack, and WebEngage.
  • Register a new customer - Add the registration page configured for your microsite on Member Care to register and update customers through Member Care.
  • View a customer's activity and interaction information such as transactions, points, coupons, and communications.
  • Manage identifier change and account merge requests - Create identifier change requests such as for change in mobile number/email ID/external ID, account merge, and mobile number reallocation.  Also, process change requests on Member Care. 
  • Ensures better safety for identifier change requests with OTP based verification.
  • Manage customer's subscriptions and fraud status.
  • Issue cards from an active card series to a customer.

  • View details of cart and catalog promotions of a customer.
  • View loyalty events that are pending or failed and re-initiate the process through Member Care.
  • Issue Goodwill points and coupons to loyalty customers.
  • Search the details of coupons issued to customers.