A payment mode combination will have a mode of payment, an attribute, and the corresponding attribute value.


  • Card, Bank Name: ICICI, Card tier: Gold (Mode: Card, Attribute: Bank name, Value: Card type)
  • DiscountCoupon, CouponType: Ticket (Mode: Discount Coupon, Attribute: Sodexo)

The Tender Combinations tab lets you create different payment mode combinations and incentivize customers with points or coupons based on payment mode combinations. You need to configure actions to perform for each payment mode strategy on the EventsView page.

In case of MLP, tender combinations created in a loyalty program cannot be used in any other programs of the org, not even in the org default program.

To incentivize based on the payment mode combination,follow these steps.

  1. Add supported payment modes for the org
  2. Create required payment mode combinations (tender combinations) using payment modes.
  3. Configure Rulesets for an event (on the EventsView page) to define what action to perform for a tender combination.

Step 1: Add Supported Payment Modes

A payment mode will have attributes and attribute values. Before configuring payment mode combinations, you need to add the supported payment modes of the organization as explained in the following. 

1. Log on to InTouch and go to Settings > Organization Setup > Payment Modes.

2. Click Add Tender and choose the payment mode that you ant to add.

 3. in Label, enter your preferred name for the payment mode

 4. Click the Save icon to add the payment mode to your organization. Then, you need to add attributes to the payment mode.

 5. Click the Edit icon to add attributes.

 6. Click Add Attribute to add an attribute to the current payment mode and select the required attribute from the drop-down. 

Attributes are not supported for all payment modes. You will see the Attribute field only if supported for the payment mode.

 7. Enter your preferred name for the attribute (to appear on the UI) and click Save

 Similarly, you can also add attribute values if applicable for the attribute.

 8. Click the Edit icon of an attribute to add the attribute value.

9. In the Supported attribute values drop-down, select the supported input type - Text, Selection, Numeric, Float. Refer to the table below for more details.

The options differ based on the chosen attribute type

SelectionShows values in a drop-down box. Enter each value in the available box and click Add.
If you want to have predefined values for an attribute, use Selection.
TextSelect this to have a text box input for the attribute value. .
1. Specify the Regular Expression for the values and Error Message if the format does not match.
2. In Default Value, enter the default attribute value and
3. Click Save.
NumericSelect this to have numeric value input for the attribute value. For example, card number.
In Error Message, specify a message to be displayed if the input type is not numeric. Also, enter the default value to appear for the attribute in Default Value and click Save.
FloatSelect this if the attribute value is of float - decimal value.
In Error Message, specify a message to be displayed if the input type is not numeric. Also, enter the default value to appear for the attribute in Default Value and click Save.

Similarly, you add all the supported payment modes with attributes and values.

The following screenshot shows a payment mode, Card, with two attributes added to it.

  • To remove a payment mode or attribute, click the respective Delete option
  • Always ensure to Save changes whenever you add or modify a payment mode/attribute

Step 2: Create Payment mode Combinations (or Tender Combinations)

Once you have the required payment modes, you can create payment mode combinations (tender combinations) on which you want to evaluate rules.

  1. On the loyalty program configuration page, click Tender Combination.

  1. Check Enable allocation based on tender and then click OK on the prompt that appears. This enables creating tender combinations for the organization.

  1. Click New to create a new tender combination.

  1. In Name, specify a name for the tender combination.
  2. In Tender Type, choose the type of the payment mode.
  3. Click Add attribute. You will see the list of attributes of the payment mode.
  4. Choose the desired attribute from the drop-down list

  1. In Value, choose the desired attribute value (Values option appears only for supported attributes)
  2. Click Create to save the tender combination

For instance, to create an ICICI credit card payment mode, the Tender Type could be Card, Attribute could be Bank name and Value could be ICICI.

In addition to the instructions provided on this page, you must also configure an event for executing the strategy created for payment mode.