The Reports tab shows detailed delivery report of campaign messages across channels and also shows the count of redeemed coupons.

To access Reports tab:

On the Campaigns Home page, select a campaign to see the report In Reports, click View moreYou will see the Reports tab as shown below:

Communication Report

Monitoring Report

The Monitoring Report provides the statistics of the current campaign such as customer lists, number of audience in each list, communication channel (mobile or email), sent date, not sent percentage and an option to download a customer list.

To view the delivery report of a list, click the respective (Supported for outbound campaigns)

  • Total Sent: Shows the count of total sent messages and the contribution of awaiting delivery, delivered, and not delivered
  • Total not sent: Shows the count of audience to which the message was unable to send for various reasons. The above screenshot shows that the message was unable to send to 1438 customers as they are in the National Do not Disturb list.

To know about different statuses of messages, see Message Statuses in Monitoring Report

You can also download detailed report by clicking Download Detailed Split

Campaign Performance

This provides insights into the performance of a specific campaign such as Total sales generated by the campaign, total sent (campaign audience); and the metrics of messages delivered, opened, clicked, bounced, marked as spam, and marked as unsubscribed.

You can download the campaign performance report by clicking the XL+ icon available on the top right of the chart and also analyze the effectiveness of the campaign on Test vs. Control comparison tab

Email Reports

The Email Report provides the metrics of Emails sent for the campaign. The Email report contains the following metrics:

  • Open Rate: Calculates how many times the email campaign was opened.
  • Click Rate: Calculates how many times a link or multiple links in the email were opened.
  • Forward to Friends: Calculates how many times the email message was forwarded from the original recipient to a new recipient. 

Coupon Redemption Report

The Coupon Redemption report shows through a chart the number of coupons that had been issued and the number of coupons that had been redeemed. You can download the coupons report to your computer as an Excel sheet.