The Campaigns Dashboard tab displays all the campaigns created for the organization. You can do the following from the Dashboard tab.

View Campaigns

You can view campaigns based on the status or the type of campaign.

To view campaigns based on the status, click the status (live, lapsed, and upcoming campaigns) on the Status bar.

Figure 1: View Campaigns based on Status

Live campaigns are those campaigns that are currently running. Lapsed campaigns are those campaigns that are no longer active. Upcoming campaigns are those campaigns that will go live in the near future.

To view campaigns based on the type (timeline, bounceback/DVS, survey, etc.), select the type from Campaign Type.

Figure 2: View Campaigns based on the Campaign Type


Create a New Campaign

To create a new campaign, click the + New Campaign button. For more details, see Creating New Campaigns.

Figure 3: Creating New Campaign

View Details of a Specific Campaign

To view details of a specific campaign, click the name of the campaign in the Dashboard. The Overview page of the campaign appears.
To quickly jump to reports, coupons, or recipient list, click on the Action list.

Figure 4: Viewing Details of a Campaign


Download Complete Details of Campaigns

You can download complete details of the campaigns created during a specific duration. Click the Download Campaign Tracker button, enter the duration, and click Submit.

Figure 5: Downloading Campaign Details