This section is a quick reference guide for creating outbound campaigns for either voucher based or non-voucher based campaigns.


Following are the prerequisite for creating bulk SMS campaign (Outbound Campaign)

  • All Business Rules confirmed from the client
  • Campaign dates(start date and end date)
  • Type of campaign to be executed (voucher based or non voucher based)
  • Customer list(to whom we need to send message)
  • Proposed SMS Text
  • Time & Date of campaign execution


Login to the Capillary Cloud Admin
You can create and configure different types of Campaigns on Campaigns page

Click OUTBOUND icon to create a bulk promotion campaign

 Configure the campaign name and lifespan on the Campaign Details page and click Create

Click Customer List

Customer configuration page will appear as shown in the following figure

The details of the target audience will be mentioned . Once this information is obtained, created for the brand.
Customer group can be created in four ways:
  • Sticky List – This list can be reused across different campaigns, this will be accessible across the organization.
  • Upload List – List creation by uploading customers list.
  • Filter – Rule based list creation.
Creating customer group  - Sticky List, Upload List and Filters
Sticky List: Create customer group from pre-defined customer groups. Use this feature when you want to use a list of customers for multiple campaigns. 
Upload List: Instead of adding customers from existing groups and filters, you can create your own customer list in a csv file and upload it in the Upload List.
Manually add: You can also add each customer in a group as shown in the following figure

Paste List: Used to copy customers from a source and paste it in the box. Generally used for a very small list

Upload CSV.

Upload CSV: If the customer count is less than 2L then create a customer list in a csv file and upload it using Uploading CSV.

  • Invalid number will get rejected, when you upload files via. CSV and the details can be viewed in ‘Error Count’, as shown in the figure below. 
  • Numbers can be rejected for many reasons. For example, if the mobile numbers do not satisfy the validations of the supported countries of the Organisation (no. of digits is lesser/more than the regex for the country), custom tags are not set properly etc.

Via. FTP: If the customer is list is more than 2L then upload file using FTP server.
This can be used for importing large file sizes. The file to be uploaded can be copied to a FTP server. The FTP file name, folder name and user type (Email, mobile no. or User ID based) should be configured and uploaded on the page.

Filters: Filters are used when a certain set of rules need to be used  to create a customer list. For instance, list of all customers of a particular store etc. Campaign Management System supports many pre-defined filters.

You can also add filters to Favorite list by clicking on the respective star icon. This makes your work easier when you create more customer lists for the organization using filters.